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About Us

William (Billy) Roytman TCM, BRCP.

Approximately 30 years ago whilst training in Martial Arts Billy developed an interest in Chinese Traditional Medicine. After over 4 years training Billy qualified as a complimentary medicine practitioner, opening up a fulfilling and satisfying career.

Eventually after several years training, and building up his experience, Billy opened his own clinic. In the 22 years he has been practising Billy has always enjoyed helping his patients with their problems, always finding it rewarding to get good results for them, restoring balance and seeing them healthy and happy again.

Still today Billy treats many of his original patients who prefer to utilise the beneficial effects of complementary medicine before turning to more traditional interventions. His original client base has grown significantly, mostly through personal recommendations, and Billy now treats patients from all over London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Billy has developed his therapeutic approach, utilising the best of each complementary intervention, enabling him to treat each patient as an individual by looking at key physical, emotional and environmental triggers, before devising a unique customised treatment program for each patient.

In the clinic the first treatment will include a free consultation when confidential notes will be taken, and your medical history discussed. Often this brings to light other problems you may have, enabling Billy to treat you in a totally holistic way using a variety of non-toxic, complementary techniques.

In 2018 Billy relocated to a newly refurbished clinic in Highams Park. The energy and tranquillity of the clinic makes for an enjoyable treatment experience. To help accommodate busy work schedules Billy even works three late evenings a week.

Billy is fully insured. He graduated from the Academy of Oriental Medicine. He is fully committed to on-going professional development.. Billy is fully committed to on-going professional development and is a Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (MBRCP).

NB The clinic rooms are available for hire by other practitioners for up to 4 days per week at very competitive rates, please call for further information.

Conditions Treated

Because the Pain Management Centre offers the full range of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) interventions we can treat the following conditions;

Neck, Shoulder & Lower Back Problems

New and old injuries can be effectively treated with the correct intervention such as Acupuncture or Tuina, enabling the patient to make a full recovery


Including work related stress. Stress leads to the breakdown in well-being and the ability to function effectively. Traditional Chinese Medicine can not only treat physical problems but also emotional problems

Digestive Problems

Including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and indigestion caused by modern diets, long working hours, irregular eating patterns and stress.

Sports Injury

Including those due to competition. We regularly see sports injuries at the clinic, ranging from an 8-year old, hoping to be the next David Beckham, to professional sports men and women, to the 80-year old golfer who enjoys keeping fit by pursuing his or her greatest passion! In the 22 years of the clinic operating we have seen and treated most sports injuries and we understand how important it is to help you get back to your optimum level of fitness.

Work Related & Environment Injury

Including Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and working in cold conditions for prolonged periods. If a patient sits at a desk or drives for a long period of time the muscular-skeletal system eventually breaks down in certain places. As well as addressing your physical symptoms we can also provide advice to enable you to avoid future problems.


Including migraine and those due to tension and stress. Headache can be a debilitating and often underestimated condition, however with the correct treatment, Cranial Sacral Therapy, headaches can be effectively controlled and even eliminated.

Jaw and Whiplash Injuries

The jaw is also part of the cranial system and this can have its own issues. It is extremely important to balance the jaw. The joint is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and this also needs to be in perfect health.

Fertility Problems

Including menopausal and gynaecological conditions – sometimes women need re-balance their bodies to get the Qi (life energy) flowing. Treating these fertility problems can help women to conceive and reduce or eliminate the unpleasant side effects of menopausal changes.

Services we offer

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There are many different aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The one that is recognised by many people immediately is Acupuncture.

Although an ancient intervention the NHS now recognises the beneficial effects of Acupuncture as part of a treatment plan. It can be used to treat a range of physical, emotional and environmental problems.

When you have Acupuncture, fine needles will be inserted into specific points in the body called a Meridian point. These points are all over the body and carry the life force “Qi” pronounced “Chi”

Acupuncture works by stimulating and balancing the energy in the body or “Qi”. An imbalance of Qi leads to illness in the body manifesting itself in either, or both, physical and emotional symptoms.

The needle is inserted in such a way that allows the Therapist to re-balance the flow of Qi helping the patient back to a full recovery.

Different factors breakdown the balance of Qi. This will be discussed about at your initial
consultation at the clinic. Every patient has a unique problem and is treated accordingly, Acupuncture may form part of your treatment plan.

Acupuncture treats the root of the problem, not just the symptoms and can prove to be an effective and long-lasting treatment for a broad range of conditions.


Tuina is based on Taoist principles which aim to bring balance back into the body. Tuina means to “push” and “pull”. It is the physical therapy used during the treatment and is a more “hands on” approach. Using this more physical intervention is more beneficial for some patients

Tuina’s main function is to promote the free flow of Qi (pronounced “Chi”). Qi is the light force and when there is a physical or emotional problem the Qi becomes stagnant. The Qi must be free flowing in order to promote health and to be pain free.

Tuina can be used to address a variety of problems, for example, if a patient is suffering from a lower back problem Tuina has several techniques to correct and free off muscles, ligaments and tendons to aid recovery of the lower back.

Tuina is thought to be the oldest system of bodywork practiced today. Unlike other forms of manipulation Tuina is very gentle but very effective in correcting the alignment of the body, enabling patients to live a pain free and healthy life style.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is another ancient intervention regularly used in Chinese medicine and at the Shen-Qi Clinic.

The main objective of Cupping is to promote the free flow of Qi (the life force). It is a useful technique in the treatment of pain, inflammation, poor blood flow, and as a deep tissue massage. The theory behind Cupping is to speed up and promote Qi

The practitioner uses glass cups and a flame. The flame causes a vacuum by suctioning out the air so the cup can attach itself to the patient’s skin. The underlying tissue is raised or sucked partway into the cup. Stagnant blood comes to the surface causing a bruise which lasts a few days and leaves no permanent marks.

Cupping enhances circulation, relieves pain, removes heat and pulls out toxins that linger in the body.

Cranial Sacral Therapy - CST

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a therapy that uses a very gentle touch to manipulate the Synarthrodial joints of the Cranium (skull).

The practitioner will not only focus on the Cranium but will also work on the Spine and Pelvis to help align the Cranial system.

There are many ways the Cranial system can become mis-aligned. This can be from birth, an accident or simply an environmental injury.

A balanced Cranial system is beneficial to help the patient to a full recovery.

Temporomandibular Therapy (TMJ)

The jaw is also part of the cranial system and this can have its own issues. It is extremely important to balance the jaw. The joint is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and this also needs to be in perfect health. This technique can be used to effectively treat Whiplash injuries.


Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement.

Kinesiology addresses the physiological, biochemical and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement. It allows both physical and mental problems to be diagnosed and treated.

Kinesiology is ideal in treating a range of conditions including strength and conditioning, sport injuries and rehabilitation.

During a treatment the therapist can challenge muscles in the body with a simple muscle test. This enables the underlying problem to be identified. The therapist can then address the problem with the appropriate treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need initially?

This is often a crisis period for the patient requiring a more intensive response. The total number of treatments required is dictated by the nature of your injury, however, generally we get a marked improvement after only 8-10 weekly treatments.

What happens after I have completed my initial treatments?

We refer to this time as the stabilization period when progress made previously is consolidated. Following completion of your initial treatment’s we discuss the frequency of future treatments with you, generally we would reduce the frequency of your treatments to one every 2 or 3 weeks.

What happens after the stabilization period?

This is the maintenance period where we work to keep you happy and healthy. Most patients who reach this point are in a much more balanced physical and mental state. We usually suggest at this point one treatment each month to help keep the patient healthy and free from further injury. We like to compare this phase of your recovery to the servicing of a car, keep it tuned and running smoothly!

What should I do after each treatment?

After each treatment we recommend you should drink at least 1 litre of water, abstain from rigorous exercise and alcohol, take a hot bath and, if possible and have an early night. We are also always available to answer any questions you may have after your treatment.

Can my treatment be combined with more conventional medical interventions?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sits comfortably alongside other medical interventions, in fact modern western medicine now frequently uses TCM techniques such as acupuncture. At your initial consultation you will be invited to share your full medical history enabling us to make recommendations for the most suitable treatment plan for your individual circumstances. Your welfare is of paramount importance to us and we are always willing to work alongside your GP and, with your permission, will consult with them.

What should I wear for my treatment?

We recommend patients should wear loose fitting, sports type clothing to allow the practitioner to comfortably manipulate the body.

How much will my treatments costs?

All treatments, irrespective of which intervention is used, are from £50 per session. Unlike many other clinics you will not be charged extra for your initial assessment.

How Long is each treatment?

Each treatment lasts between 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the treatment required. There is no additional charge for longer treatments.

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What our customers are saying

Absolute Confidence

I had a herniated disc and tried a host of treatments including a steroid injection all to avoid an operation that was an option suggested by traditional medics. A friend recommend I see Billy for Accupuncture which after a while I agreed as had tried so many other methods and nothing had worked.

Billy gave me absolute confidence the issue could be resolved and I was compelled with his alternative method which included Shen Qi which supports the body’s natural energy and after 6 weeks the pain had gone!

The treatment is enjoyable, not intrusive and Billy engages mind body and spirit within the treatment. I continue to see Billy for injuries and for preventative treatment.I highly recommend Billy’s treatment and methods
Adam Shinebroom

Highly recommend

Highly recommend Billy! Even after 1 session I already feel so much better. He put me at ease straight away and clearly knows exactly what he is doing. Thank you

Vicky Nicholson

Always benefited from it

I have been visiting Billy for the last 20 years on a regular basis. I go to see him once a week and fully recommend him for sorting out any aches & pains you may get in your neck or back.
I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis and have done for over 30 years. I have a regular “straighten up” which to me “seems” as if it expands my whole spine and releases any trapped nerves that I may have.
My wife has also seen Billy on a few occasions and has always benefited from it.
Just to summarise if trouble in your back or neck occur I would always suggest that you visit Billy so that he can asses the problem that you have. He will not pull you about or hurt you if in his professional opinion he is not the man to treat you.

Steve Scrivener

Knowledgeable and Professional

I have been having treatment from Billy for 6 years now. He has helped me in many ways such as my re-setting twisted spine, lumbar spondylosis, stress and anxiety to name a few.
He is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him. I travel from Romford to see him because he is the best!

Erin Muir

Incredibly nice guy

Not only is Billy an incredibly nice guy, but his knowledge of the human body is actually second to none. I’ve been having appointments with him around 6 weeks now with upper and lower back and ankle problems, and 2 out of 3 of those things are dealt with already and now we are focusing on the remaining niggle. If you are open minded and would like to try something different than your usual chiropractors (who just click things and don’t actually treat them) then you should come to Billy as he uses a great mix of acupuncture, massage and manipulation to get you back to where you should be. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Michael Brandon

Suffering from arthritis for about 12 years

I have been suffering from arthritis for about 12 years. Billy was recommended to be by a family member. I saw Billy once a week for around four months. Since seeing Billy my joint pains have eased a considerable amount. What I also found was a lot of tension and aching pains in my neck and back due to work. The treatment I received completely took these aches away. As well as the physical treatment I received I also felt it cleared my mind, revealed a lot of stress and made me feel better in myself. I highly recommend and will be going back for more treatment very soon.

Rob Davies

A miracle worker

Billy is nothing short of a miracle worker! With his help over the past 10 years, I have been able to live my life to the full despite my fibromyalgia. When he says “I can sort that out for you, no problem” – he really means it and he can. To be honest, I am not sure I know exactly how the massage and acupuncture works, all I know is that it does. Don’t live your life in pain – give Billy a call he really can help.

Adrienne Kearney

Back to fighting fitness

I’ve had treatment a couple of times from Billy over the years; once from a weightlifting injury and another time as a result of a muscle hyperextension. On the latter occasion, I was due to fly out to China to start martial arts training the next day but Billy made time to see me at short notice and got me back to fighting fitness extremely quickly in both cases.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Billy or this type of treatment to anybody.

Rob Savill

Would really recommend him

I first went to Billy with pain in my back and didn’t have a clue what it was he was amazing he told me exactly what it was causing my pain and treated with Acupuncture and cupping this has worked so well for me ! Would really recommend him.

Elanor Preston

Billy is the man who keeps me running in life

I first met Billy some 15 or so years ago . Without my regular treatments I would have found managing my body , mind and soul extremely challenging . Billy is the man who keeps me running in life , my body well and my mind focused and purposeful through these treatments . Don’t think about it just make and appointment. Thanks Bill .

Karl Knipe

Professional manner

Billy made me feel welcome and comfortable in such a professional manner, I can’t thank him enough for the help he has given me to release pain In my lower back and shoulder areas with full explanation of how he plans to solve my issue, I would strongly recommend billy to all my associates, friends and family. Thanks Billy

Matt J Glassman

Billy is a fantastic therapist

I’ve been having treatments with Billy for 8 years now as he was the one who helped me when I had tendinitis in my elbow and has continued to treat me for any back and shoulder issues I’ve had due to my occupation of working in the building trade. Billy is a fantastic therapist with great knowledge!!

Anthony Green

Amazing at what he does

I have been having problems with my hip and back on and off for years and went for various different practitioners with only temporary solutions. I was recommended to Billy by a friend and he has worked miracles! He is very professional and amazing at what he does. I can’t thank him enough.

Amy Petchey

Another fantastic session

Another fantastic session with Billy I don’t know what he does ( personality I think it’s magic) but he always gets rid of my aches and pains and as usual I feel more agile and have movement without any pain
Couldn’t recommend him high enough and I’m scared of needles

Scott Sanders

Very professional

I have been using billy for many years. He has treated myself my husband and my daughter. Would highly recommend. He is very professional and full of knowledge.

Jennifer Smith

Keeps my back in check

I get regular treatments from Billy and he keeps my back in check. Would highly recommend him

Jeff Green

Professional and good value

I saw Billy for pain in my feet,plantar fasciitis . He cured the problem and the service was friendly, efficient, professional and good value.

Michael Pritchett

Wouldn’t go anywhere else

Have seen Billy a number of times for a number of different issues over the last 10 years. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Nathan Preston

Can recommend him totally

Been seeing Billy for several years now & he always puts me bang to rights with different Injuries I sustain over the years!! Can recommend him totally

Chris Brown

Amazing service

Amazing service, excellent results….highly recommended!

Julie Evans

Couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Not only is Billy an incredibly nice guy, but his knowledge of the human body is actually second to none. I’ve been having appointments with him around 6 weeks now with upper and lower back and ankle problems, and 2 out of 3 of those things are dealt with already and now we are focussing on the remaining niggle. If you are open minded and would like to try something different than your usual chiropractors (who just click things and don’t actually treat them) then you should come to Billy as he uses a great mix of acupuncture, massage and manipulation to get you back to where you should be. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Michael Brandon

Highly recommended!

i have been going to see Billy for over 10 years now for different back issues and even stress. His treatments are second to none, showing instant results and you come away relaxed and feeling better everytime. Highly recommended!

Sam McManus